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Bat Removal

If you discover a bat in your home, attic, or basement you’ll need to find a way to not only remove them but much more importantly, a way to keep them from coming back.

​After we perform a thorough inspection of the structure, it is time to conduct a complete bat abatement. This is the only long-term way you can legally solve a bat problem in New Jersey.

We will conduct our inspection by methodically going around the home or business identifying every hole the size of a nickel or larger and sealing them to prevent bats from using them to get into the structure.

Bats nesting inside a house
Bats nesting inside a house

We will also establish the egress points that bats would utilize to get in and out of the building, and then install bat valves over those openings, which allow bats to leave but deny re-entry. These valves are the same concept as check valves in plumbing, once it goes out it can’t come back in.

Because bats usually hibernate through the winter, if we are performing our bat abatement on your home or business during the winter months we will install semi-permanent valves. By the 3rd week of April, all bats should be flying unless temperature or weather dictates that we should wait longer. At that time, we pull the valves and seal those egress points.

Afterward, we can start an attic-clean out, ridding your home of the mess the bats have left behind, saving you from the potential threat of disease and the discomfort of unpleasant odors.

Ask us for an attic clean-out proposal suitable for submission to your insurance carrier.

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