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Choosing A Contractor

With the vast amount of information available on the internet, and even though we service many parts of New Jersey, we are aware that we may be too far away to service everyone who will read this page.

It is our pleasure to give you the information you need to help you find an animal control specialist in your area that will do the job right the first time.

When a contractor gets a call from someone with an animal concern, the first thing that the contractor should do is set up an appointment for an inspection.

If your potential contractor gives you firm prices over the phone, you probably don’t want to use that contractor. Without looking at the job, he’s probably giving you a “loss leader” price to get in the door… with the intention of hitting you up for more money later.

Also, beware of contractors that give “free” estimates. A company’s time has value. Anyone who advertises free estimates is making his money upon his customers in another way. No contractor gets every job – and nothing is free!

What the contractor should do is charge a reasonable inspection fee for his time and expertise and then, if your decision is to go ahead with the job, the inspection fee will be waived.

When a contractor does an inspection, if he walks around your house but does not put a ladder up on your building, he/she is not doing a complete inspection. It is not normally necessary for a contractor to get INSIDE your attic. But it is certainly necessary to get up high enough to inspect the roof, gutters, soffits, etc.

The way to determine what kind of animal is getting into your house is to inspect droppings, hair,
tracks, etc. If your problem is a raccoon, for example, the hole in your building will be approximately the size of a pineapple. That should be an obvious hole to find! However, it often requires a ladder to find it – NOT just a walk-around.

Later, once the job is complete and your contractor assures you that he has taken care of the animal(s) that have invaded your home or business, that contractor should provide you with a warranty that is good for the entire structure. Beware of any contractor whose warranty only covers the part of the structure where he has done the work.

Squirrels, for example, are capable of getting into very obscure openings. You may pay for a “squirrel job” but end up with a useless warranty. Sometimes a squirrel can find a hole that the contractor didn’t find. When that squirrel gets in, you have to start all over again and pay all over again!

If your contractor is a professional company, they should also be offering you a renewal on the warranty. This means when the warranty is up, they should offer you the chance to re-certify the building as “animal-proof” at a reduced price that will extend your warranty – as well as your peace of mind.

Even old houses will settle. You paid good money to have the wildlife removal work done. You certainly inspect your furnace and chimney every year. Why not spend a couple dollars to make sure your house is still animal-proofed?

Please email us and we will be happy to give you the information you need to find the right contractor for you, wherever you are.

We’ve even helped people in Missouri find the right contractor!