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Clean Up Services

Basically, wildlife cleanup is when you remove animal urine, feces, and odors associated with them from inside your home or business. It is a very meticulous process to clean and disinfect wildlife urine and feces, which requires more than just vacuuming up the droppings. Unattended, it can result in additional losses due to animal reentry and pose health hazards.

According to some reports, the Canine Distemper virus is spread by contact with bodily secretions. Distemper can be transmitted by raccoons and other critters, so if one of them leaves a mess behind in your home, your dog could be ill. Due to our daily interactions with wildlife, we understand how animals can damage your home, how they enter it, what their nesting habits are, and how they behave. Because of our experience, we can ensure a comprehensive job is completed without any loose ends and future issues.

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