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Fischer Wildlife Control & Repairs is able to construct a barrier around your structure to keep out nuisance animals.

Ground-dwelling animals like groundhogs, skunks, opossum, raccoons, moles, etc. Burrow underground, wreaking havoc in your yard, tunneling under structures, setting up their dens. Ridding yourself of a nuisance animal is a temporary fix if an open den is left behind. Another clever nuisance animal has an invitation to move right in.

Animals that live underground, such as groundhogs, skunks, opossums, raccoons, moles, etc. Make tunnels under structures, destroy lawns, and build dens underground. Leaving behind an open den is a temporary solution to rid yourself of a nuisance animal. Another clever nuisance animal has an invitation to move right in.

Exclusion job.
Exclusion job.
Here are the steps we take to create an exclusion of a structure:
  1. A trench is dug on all sides of the structure.
  2. We attach ½ inch galvanized mesh to the bottom of the structure.
  3. We adjust mesh as well as back-fill the trench in a manner that precludes animals from digging back into it.
  4. An opening is left during this process.
  5. Traps are placed in front of the open hole as well as in the surrounding area to capture any animal that might want to go in and out of the structure.
  6. We will run those traps until we have removed any animals that want to go in or out of the structure (have control of the structure).
  7. Once control has been established in the area, we will seal that last spot using the same methods as steps 1-3.

It should be noted that it is possible that we will not trap an animal. However, the trapping segment is a crucial segment of the abatement.

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What an exclusion job looks like