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Groundhog Removal

Groundhog coming out a hole.
Groundhog coming out a hole.

Groundhog, also known as Woodchuck, is a herbivore animal that loves to dig tunnels. Groundhogs hibernate through the winter so when the weather starts to warm up they will start to come out of their holes to find food. Since they’re herbivores they will eat away your garden fruits and vegetables, like lettuce, corn, carrots, and berries.

An adult Groundhog can eat more than a pound of vegetation every day, so imagine that, they will destroy your garden, crops, yard, and can sometimes even undermine your house’s foundation with their burrowing. They seldom dig and live under decks, sheds, porches, and other structures in your property.

How we get rid of groundhogs

First, we inspect the structure to find the entry holes. Then, we create an exclusion of the structure with steel screen around the entire perimeter, while leaving only one opening open so that the groundhogs must come out through that hole. Finally, once we are sure all the groundhogs are out of the structure we then seal up the last open area shut.

To learn more on how we do our exclusion jobs check out our exclusion page.