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Squirrel Removal

Squirrel easting trash.
Squirrel easting trash.

One thing is for sure about working with animals: we certainly don’t use words like “always” or “never” because those animals will make a liar out of you! But most Grey Squirrel cases require the same type of solution, and we are experts at solving squirrel problems. Our solution, as explained below, is a common and effective way to get those squirrels out of your home or business once and for all!

See how to choose a trustworthy contractor to learn how we figure out which animal has invaded your property.

Once we determine that you truly have a Grey Squirrel problem, our company or any reputable wildlife removal company will go about solving the problem by first setting traps over the opening(s) where the squirrels are getting in. In our case, we use a spring-loaded multi-catch repeater trap, the squirrel pushes on the trap door, the door opens, the squirrel goes into the trap, and the door closes on the squirrel.

We then set several passive traps up on the roof around the opening. A passive trap is otherwise known as a “have a heart” or regular box trap it works by enticing animals with bait placed in the back of the trap. The animal walks in and the trap door closes. This is done because squirrels NOT inside the structure when we begin the job won’t be able to get back in once the original repeater trap is blocking the opening.

This causes them to hang around the opening getting upset. They will then go into a baited trap. Once we have the traps set up, we go around the entire structure sealing up any weak areas such as screening gable vents, metaling off pork chops, ensuring there are no gaps in the sheathing and fascia board, etc.

We do this for two reasons:

  1. Because it leaves no options for squirrels to get out unless they use the trap;
  2. Because it enables us to give you a warranty.

If a contractor strictly seals where the animals are ALREADY getting in and out, you are paying for an incomplete job. It is imperative to strengthen weak areas, or else squirrels will return and cause new damage in the future.

Once you have had a squirrel get into your structure, other squirrels can smell the odor and will exploit the structure’s weak areas. Even 20 years into a squirrel issue, the odor will continue to give you a repeated problem.

We run traps every day until we stop making catches. At that point, if we feel that we have caught all the squirrels, we seal the opening and the job is done! If we are not sure we’ve caught everything we mark the hole by stapling newspaper over the opening for one day. If the newspaper is pushed or has been moved at the end of those 24 hours, we know we have another squirrel to catch. If the paper hasn’t been moved, we know it’s safe to finish the job, at which point proper repairs are made.

​Please check out our FAQ to understand how traps are checked daily.